Know that we care about you! We care about your hopes, dreams, and everything in between. We care if you are comfortable, clean, warm, dry, and most importantly, respected. We hope you feel the trust, compassion, and support that we promise to give you with every interaction you have with us. We are honored for the opportunity to serve you.


Physician and Nurse Practitioners

Our medical director is responsible for over seeing the entire hospice team and has completed a American Board of Family Medicine sponsored fellowship in Hospice and Palliative Medicine. He also holds additional certification by the Hospice Medical Director Board. Works closely with community hospitals, facilities, and clinics serving as a consultant for both inpatient and outpatient palliative and hospice care. Additionally, supervises medical students, nurse practitioner students, medical residents, and fellows in the Treasure Valley.


Experienced in following care plans based on best evidence available to manage pain, wounds, and other symptoms that often occur in chronic disease and at end of life. Trained in assessing patients and working closely with physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants to meet the needs of our patients. Our on-call nurses are available 24/7

Spiritual Care Provider

Supports exploration of meaning, peace, and purpose; facilitates individual spiritual/religious needs & practices; provides referral to communities of faith as appropriate. Supports the grief and bereavement process in coordination with the social worker.

Social Worker

Provides education on advanced care planning; supports individual coping with grief and loss; facilitates referrals to community resources as needed. Provides emotional and psychosocial support in coordination with other team members and community partners. Facilitates the bereavement services program.

CNA-certified nursing assistant

While Medicare does not require certified nursing assistants we at Ancora feel this certification is essential to maintain high quality and professional care. They assist with personal care & hygiene, they are the cornerstone of keeping our patients loved, clean, and dry. They can also assist with light housekeeping and meal prep. They are trained in proper transferring techniques e.g. bed to chair, chair to shower.

Who is covered?

Hospice care is a benefit that is generally covered by all insurances to include Medicare, Medicaid, VA, and private insurance. To qualify adults must have a terminal condition.

Hospice eligibility

A terminal condition or prognosis is generally defined as the patient’s life expectancy or the typical course of the condition is six months or less. Hospice care is not limited to only 6-months if the patient lives longer as they may be recertified by a physician for additional time in hospice care, or in the case where their health improves; they may be discharged from hospice care and vice versa.

Palliative care

The Palliative Care team may include a physician and/or a nurse practitioner, who provides consultation visits in your place of residence. Nurses and Social Workers can also help with Chronic Care management in a limited fashion. Palliative Care like hospice is focused on the patient’s comfort and goals of care, but does not require a terminal prognosis. Palliative Care is paid for by insurance companies in a similar fashion that your clinic doctor visits are paid for as there may be some copay’s as mandated by your insurance


When you offer your compassion, commitment, and skills as a hospice volunteer, you are helping improve someone’s life experience and supporting them. We have a wide range of hospice volunteer options to match your talents.

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